14 Apr 2014 / Monday / 06:51pm

Mitoza | 1000+ Free Flash Games | Andkon Arcade→ [www]

One of the weirdest, yet addictive, things I’ve seen in a while.

13 Apr 2014 / Sunday / 01:01pm

I don’t feel that citizens should have to donate to causes for soldiers. Before you criticize me for saying that, let me explain.

There are so many commercials saying how many soldiers were hurt or are jobless, etc. and the charities ask for donations to get these soldiers help they need.

I feel the government should be doing the donating.

If you work for a company and get injured, you can get workers compensation, disability, etc. You were hurt doing your job and the company should, by law, have insurance to cover such incidents.

A soldier works for the government and puts their lives in danger to the extreme. Same with police and firefighters. If they’re hurt doing their job, they should already get the money and care they need without any further donations.

Putting your life in such danger to help others should already be very insured by the employers. All these commercials say “without your help, this soldier may not ever live the life he deserves” and other guilt tactics. People are struggling as it is to pay for their OWN health and that of loved ones. Why should they have to pay for other people who should be taken care of already?

I remember hearing from someone that their relative was in the Desert Storm war and they all had very used bulletproof vests. They had to pay for new, safer ones on their OWN! Wtf?? Hundreds of dollars to get safer protection that came out of their own pockets??

Yet the government can give money to other countries constantly and never get paid back.

Donations are great, but I don’t believe we should be responsible for paying for stuff the government should be paying for. If a soldier has money, he can walk again, but without the donations he’s confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life? I’m sorry, but the government needs to start taking care of its own people. I feel bad for people in other countries who need help but the US has people here who need help, too.

We’re lucky we have people willing to protect us but relying on just the citizens to pay for what needs to be done for those in need is wrong. If someone can’t afford to donate to all these causes, they shouldn’t be left feeling guilty for not letting someone walk again.

So yeah, donate if you CAN, but it just seems to me that the employer (aka government) should be taking 100% responsibility for our soldiers. The commercials aren’t asking for additional help. They’re saying if these charities don’t get donations, these soldiers go unhelped. And that’s unacceptable.

12 Apr 2014 / Saturday / 08:59pm

Being an asshole ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

10 Apr 2014 / Thursday / 06:26am

Every single time some loser shows up on Instagram with a scam, people fall for it right away. Now it’s the “I’m Paul White who won millions in the lottery (almost a year ago but just now got an account here where I post pix of people holding cash but don’t say who they are so they’ll never notice) and I’m gonna give my 20k….40k….70k….80k…. followers $1,000. Follow me, shout me out, then gimme your eMail to your PayPal account. Here are pix of me, all from the internet, so you know I’m real.”

Anyone who says it’s a scam gets told off by people blinded by greed and desperation. This thing is out of hand after 2 days and nobody is researching it before handing over their eMail and even home address in public. Nearly 90k (time to change the number for more suckers) but only a few people had a repost of them holding the cash? If I got it, I woulda took a pic of a little sign with hos name to male it more personal and authentic. These are just some of the random “omg look how cool I am with a bunch of bills” people in the pix.

People need to be more safe with this crap. And the “I know it’s fake, but I’m reposting just in case” excuse is really annoying now. Stop contributing to the scams!

09 Apr 2014 / Wednesday / 06:20pm

Smoking is bad for you.
Smoking is bad for those around you.
Smoking outside does not mean nobody is hurt by it.
Throwing your cigarette butts down is illegal & considered littering.
Your cigarette may go out on its own after a while, but before it does, it is still putting smoke into the air.
Smoking does kill, even if you’ve smoked for years & are fine.
Smoking is not something deserving of special treatment.
Not everyone wants to smell, or smell like, smoke after going to a bar or restaurant so the laws to prevent indoor smoking are good.
If you don’t wanna pay extreme taxes or prices for cigarettes, don’t buy them.
Cigarettes are not something you need to live so raising taxes & prices aren’t anything like raising them for things actually needed.
You’re addiction IS hurtful & deadly whether you believe or care.
Watching someone die because of smoking is a HORRIBLE thing.
Watching someone die from smoking who never even smoked is a whole other level of horrible.
Please stop smoking.
Stop for your sake & others.

09 Apr 2014 / Wednesday / 06:12pm

It’s amazing how people say they have no idea why kids go over the edge & shoot or stab other students. Spend a few minutes online & it’s easy to see why. Even with anti-bullying laws & cyber bullying being illegal, people still think it’s cool to bully people. Not only people they know, but strangers. Not just people their own age, but any age. They have no idea if the person they pick on is mentally unstable; moments away from committing suicide or hurting others.

If you’re that bad of a person you know the damage you can cause & you still bully, you deserve everything you get. If someone hurts you in response to your hateful tormenting, don’t play the victim afterwards. You knew better, you knew what could happen, & you kept doing it. It’s all on you. You know you’re putting the real victim at risk, as well as yourself & other innocent bystanders. You’re the one at fault, not them.

08 Apr 2014 / Tuesday / 06:45pm

Some idiot had a patio umbrella out on a windy day & it blew around, hit the back of our car & scratched the paint. Now we’re stuck with this thing & have to cut it up to dispose of it, plus we’d pay more in deductables than it’s worth to fix the scratches.

We put a lot of effort into our home & yard only to have the neighbour’s be trashy & uncaring. Bamboo sprouting in the yard & all the leaves from it & vines but we’re just supposed to deal with it & clean everyone elses mess up.

People are so damn annoying.

01 Apr 2014 / Tuesday / 04:42pm

So sick of people lying. I bought three flags on Amazon. Separately so $5 shipping per flag. Got three eMails saying they were shipped and “in transit.” Also got an eBay item, shipped the same day. Got it in a few days. Week goes by and no flags. I eMailed. He said there was no delay on his end and THE flag may have been lost. As if only one. I said it was three. Now he says the warehouse musta sent the wrong flag and there was a delay. Wtf? He said the flagS were shipped today. So they’re being sent all together now?? $15 for three lightweight little polyester flags?? If the warehouse sent the wrong one, they sent the right one on the day I happened to complain? And they had no record of the mistake where they woulda sent it without me asking?? Like it was gonna sit there until I complained??

In other news, my mom went on Facebook to find some message saying there were complaints of her adding people she didn’t know. Made her click that she understood and deleted this 2-page list of people she wasn’t even friends with. No clue what that was about. But she only has a couple hundred friends. She adds family and friends as well as people who play the same games she does, but only when people ask her to add them. I had 2,000 friends before and never got that message. She’s spent 2 years getting points and stuff in games and they threatened to delete her account. Because she adds friends once in a while??

29 Mar 2014 / Saturday / 08:55pm

Big shout-out to Honey Maid for their awesome commercial featuring various families BEING families. Interracial, gay, etc. Well done!

29 Mar 2014 / Saturday / 10:10am

"You’re not my type but if you try, you’ll find someone who loves you."

Seriously? Stfu. I don’t need your random act of pity kindness and I sure as hell don’t need to be talked down to. If I TRY? You mean like responding to people who write to me saying they’re interested? Why didn’t I think of that?! Glad you came along to inform me!

Gee, I’m not into fat people but if you TRY to eat less, you’d lose weight!

Would that be a nice thing to say to someone?? (I like fat people so just an example.)

How many “I’m not into you but you should—” messages do people think I need? The way I try is by answering idiots who can’t even read the first line of a profile to learn my name before “ooh we need to hook up!” Or when I tolerate your stupid hints of trying to change me before we’ve even met and after you’ve said you like me for being different!

And omg dare I say I don’t need your wisdom or advice cos then I’m just a bitch who deserves to be alone.

I KNOW there are people like me cos I know some but it is HARD for us to do what YOU expect us to. Don’t say “I don’t understand how you feel BUT” because you DON’T understand so just DON’T!

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