16 Oct 2014 / Thursday / 12:38pm
Richard Sammel / Thomas Eichhorst - “Time’s up!” (gif)

Richard Sammel / Thomas Eichhorst - “Time’s up!” (gif)

16 Oct 2014 / Thursday / 12:32pm
Richard Sammel - “We need bad guys to make bad things happen.” (gif)

Richard Sammel - “We need bad guys to make bad things happen.” (gif)

15 Oct 2014 / Wednesday / 04:58pm
If you know what A230385 is….

04 Oct 2014 / Saturday / 10:05pm
Two tales of two dogs

A couple days ago, on the way home from shopping with my mom, we took a usual side street. One way, cars parked close. The type of street you go slowly down. We saw two older women on the left sidewalk with a big black dog. We also saw a black dog on its own on the right sidewalk. Mom slowed to a stop unsure if the people, or dogs, were gonna cross the street. One of the women starts yelling “Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!” We thought, at first, she was talking to the dog. But then the says “You almost hit my dog!”

My mom said she didn’t and that her foot was on the brake. We were, and had been, at a complete stop. The woman argued with her saying she was about to hit the dog. My mom, again, said her foot was on the brake. My mom said she saw the dogs. The woman kept yelling at my mom.

By now, the other woman had walked away. My mom said she shoulda had them on leashes if she didn’t want them to get hit. The one had since ran in front of our car but was in no danger since we were still stopped. The woman yelled “THEY’RE NOT MY DOGS!” as if we were supposed to know. She was more hung up on yelling at us than she was getting the dogs to safety.

My mom started to say she has two dogs herself and would never hit a dog. The woman cut her off and said to go away because she was holding up traffic. The traffic was some young punk in a truck behind us who lived right there and he beeped his horn for a good ten seconds to be a total jerk. All the yelling and obnoxious car horn was making the dogs run more towards a busy road.

We left and talked about how insane the woman was. When you think about it, how did we almost hit the dog when they were both on the sidewalk when we saw them and stopped the car? Before the woman even started yelling at us, we were completely stopped. Her yelling made the one run out in front of us! And then to keep yelling at us? How exactly would we have had all that time to have that entire discussion if we hadn’t been stopped?

Now today, mom let our dogs out and there were two pit bulls running around. They stayed on this street. Mom went out and talked to them, kept them close so they didn’t get hit. Called the police. A cop came but kept driving. The dogs wouldn’t let a family with a young child out of their car so they called the cops. Two finally showed up. The cops didn’t get out because if the dogs had gone towards them, the cops would have to shoot them. So they let my mom contain them in a yard where no one lives.

The family got out of the car and the dogs got loose again. Heavy gate but they pushed it open. The cops left at that point. One came back, though. Mom and a member of the family from the car got the dogs back in the yard and tied the fence shut. The cop called animal control. Animal control can’t do anything unless you contain the animals first.

By the time the guy came, the dogs had hopped the fence and were loose again. He wasn’t gonna stay but mom was out there so he stayed. A cop came back to stand and make sure the dogs didn’t run towards the busy street. They got a leash on the one dog and put it in the van. The guy was gonna give up because they couldn’t catch the second one. Mom had the leash and was trying.

Just then a car pulls up and a woman gets out saying “Thank God” and called to the loose dog with open arms. It ran to her and she picked it up and put it in her car. In the end, she thanked my mom and everyone. She had been away all day and hadn’t known until 2 hours ago that her dogs had hopped the fence. She was so happy to get them back. They fined her $100 for no collars and another fine for having the wrong address on her drivers license. She said it was worth it to get her dogs back.

I really wish that other woman had seen all my mom did for two dogs most people didn’t and wouldn’t bother trying to help. Not knowing if they would bite her or not, she spent hours trying to help them, walking around the block at night looking for the owners, looking online, etc. Would have been crazy if that first woman had been the one who lost them and found my mom had been the person who saved her dogs from being hit or shot.

We’re just happy it ended well. I hope the woman gets a better fence and some collars for her dogs. You could tell she loved them and was worried and I assume she didn’t think they would hop the fence. I don’t blame her at all. I’m just glad we got to see her show up and claim them so we know they’re okay and back home.

True story.

01 Oct 2014 / Wednesday / 02:54am

It used to be so easy.
It used to be so hard.
It used to be.

01 Oct 2014 / Wednesday / 02:43am

Brian Cox (3 pix) - “The Novelizationist” (gifs)

"Hannibal Lecktor….pooped his pants."
The Novelizationist
“I’m winking.”

Source video - here.

01 Oct 2014 / Wednesday / 02:13am

01 Oct 2014 / Wednesday / 01:44am

Okay, so now every time I hear Donovan’s “Hurdy Gurdy Man” I’m gonna picture Brian Cox driving around with that boy’s pants pocket.

01 Oct 2014 / Wednesday / 01:23am

Brian Cox (4 pix) - “Top Gear” (gifs)

Adorable laugh/smile, cool turn, shifting gears (glasses!) & cute smile. (I give in to crushes way too easily, lmao!)

30 Sep 2014 / Tuesday / 10:35pm
My opinion of actor Brian Cox over the decades

1991: *watches “Silence of the Lambs”* Anthony Hopkins was amazing as Hannibal Lecter!
1990s some time later: There was another Lecter movie before “SotL?!” *watches* Who the hell is this guy?! He sucks. I don’t like him.
2014: I’m gonna watch this “Nuremberg” movie cos it focuses on Hermann Goering. Oh, jeez. Brian Cox plays him?! He’s gonna suck.
After watching “Nuremberg”: Okay, Brian rocked as Goering! He’s cool, now.
Other night: There’s nothing on TV. Lemme look for some movies Brian is it.
During first movie: Ew, he’s way too old in this.
During second movie: He’s not even IN this anywhere!
During third movie: Ew, he has a beard in this.
Later: He was cool in “Nuremberg.” I’ll leave it at that.

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