25 Apr 2014 / Friday / 01:49am

Just saw some kid say they’re against bullying but how kids can’t handle the truth or take criticism any more. I’m sorry, but if you think telling someone they’re ugly, worthless or to go kill themselves is some sort of “truth” they should be handling, you’re a big part of the problem.

24 Apr 2014 / Thursday / 04:16pm

Saw a white guy in goth fashion walking down the road from the school. Three slutty looking black girls were saying shit to him as they followed behind him. Change the races & you’d instantly hear “racism!” Nice how that works, isn’t it?

Stay strong, dude. You’re way cooler than those bitches.

23 Apr 2014 / Wednesday / 10:21pm

Those people who used to be your friend, then made fun of you & made your life hell moreso than it already was, then act all innocent & wanna know why you won’t be friends with them. Seriously, wtf? How do people do bad shit & then suddenly act like they respect you so much? They make it seem like YOU are being mean to THEM cos you won’t accept their friendship.

Maybe don’t treat people like dirt? Maybe don’t get people against you? Maybe stop being so damn fake? Maybe this isn’t all about YOU? Maybe stop pressuring someone you betrayed into being your friend when they weren’t good enough for you before? Maybe understand that people like YOU are why they havve anxiety issues & feel so untrusting & self-conscious? Maybe?

23 Apr 2014 / Wednesday / 07:14pm

The internet is so depressing. When I started using it, I didn’t see all this self-hate going on. Now it’s so “popular.”

If you’re height and age mean you should healthily weigh 150lbs & you’re any less than that, don’t call yourself fat or gross. I know you may have a mental illness that makes you see yourself that way, but you’re not. And by saying you are, you’re only making others you’re size feel THEY too are fat & gross. See the problem there?

I see so many people with flat stomachs, & even boney frames, saying how fat they are & how disgusting they look. You look great, people would love to have your body, so be glad you’re not 200lbs overweight! I can’t imagine how legit overweight people feel seeing stuff like this.

You wanna kill yourself or self-harm cos you can’t weight half your proper, safe weight? How do you think that makes an actual overweight person feel when they’re struggling to lose weight to be healthier (not unhealthy like you’re trying to be)??

You’ve got a gf/bf who loves how you look. You’re beautiful/handsome & popular already. Stop trying to be something you shouldn’t be. Stop hurting yourself trying to be perfect when you’re only making things worse.

If you have friends doing this, TELL SOMEONE instead of going along with them or saying “I’m fat too” when you AREN’T! What kind of friends do you have that support this stuff?? They’re just helping you hurt yourself. They’re not real friends.

20 Apr 2014 / Sunday / 07:17pm

Wow. So first a girl is gonna kill herself and strangers try to tell her not to. Then her supposed best friend said she knows the girl killed herself. Then people say it was on the news. Instagram was informed but the images are still up a week later. Someone comes along saying NOW people care, even though as soon as strangers saw she needed help, they reached out so where was this person? Then people saying she was dead for sure. Now they’re saying she’s alive and in the hospital.

First of all, stop saying shit if you don’t know it’s true or not. Second, anyone who knows her (ie best friend) should be charged for knowing but not saying anything to get her help before she did anything hurtful to herself. Third, she said her mother saw her cutting scars and now hates her so her mom should be charged with child neglect.

This shit isn’t a joke and I’m so damn sick of people “playing suicide” whether doing the whole “I’m just saying I wanna die to get support which is just me getting strangers worried sick and I don’t even care” or “my friend is suicidal and I don’t bother to tell someone who could help them.”

Enough is enough!

20 Apr 2014 / Sunday / 01:27am

People: Heh, 420. Pot. Heh.
Me: Hitler’s birthday.

Though it seems oddly wrong to have Easter be on the same day as those things.

Happy Easter!

19 Apr 2014 / Saturday / 08:16pm

When you open a book you haven’t read in over a year a find a letter from your ex written 2 years ago with the words “love” & “forever” in it. Life is so funny.

17 Apr 2014 / Thursday / 01:11am

It’s amazing how social media sites will remove photos that violate nothing but they don’t give a crap about an account with a pre-teen showing her bloody self-inflicted injuries and threatening suicide. There really needs to be a division of government that you can report these things to so those people can get a phone call or visit for help before it’s too late. It makes me sick seeing so-called friends commenting and saying “no, don’t hurt yourself” but they don’t TELL anyone and just let it go on! Or worse when they say they do it too and make it sound like that’s justified behaviour! If you personally know someone hurting themselves, being abused, talking about suicide, etc., fucking TELL someone!! And those of you who do this shit to get more followers or attention, you need even more help for your sickness. It isn’t a damn joke!

16 Apr 2014 / Wednesday / 01:21pm

Lmao, tv edits. Watching Snakes on a Plane. “I have had it with all these MONKEY FIGHTING snakes….”


14 Apr 2014 / Monday / 06:51pm

Mitoza | 1000+ Free Flash Games | Andkon Arcade→ [www]

One of the weirdest, yet addictive, things I’ve seen in a while.

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