23 Sep 2014 / Tuesday / 10:23pm

It’s weird how when I was younger, I used to pray for someone and would ask for them to be healed, even if there was nothing that could be done for them. And how I’d get upset with God because he didn’t answer my prayers. Now I pray for people, not to get better, but to not suffer and to be at peace in the end. As much as it hurts to lose someone (relatives, friends, even strangers you heard about just recently), deep down I know they’re going to a much better place and we’ll see them again one day. Doesn’t really make it easier to deal with, but the idea they’re in the presence of God and have no more suffering or Earthly trials is of great peace of mind.

I also used to ask many questions about Heaven, God, life, death, etc. And I’ve come to realize that it’s all like one of those 3D hidden picture things where you have to relax/cross your eyes in order to see the image hidden in the whole photograph. When you look at it normally, it makes no sense and you can’t see what you know is there. But when you finally see it, it’s an amazing feeling. And you can look around in the whole canvas area and see that once-hidden image as clear as day, standing out above everything that covered it up earlier. It no longer matters that you couldn’t see it all those other times. Now you can, and it makes perfect sense. It was there all along and you just had to look at it the right way.

19 Sep 2014 / Friday / 11:24pm

ribbentrop: GOERING WTF

Goering always has that damn dildo in his hand.


ribbentrop: GOERING WTF

Goering always has that damn dildo in his hand.

17 Sep 2014 / Wednesday / 10:33pm
Falco - “Rock Me Amadeus” Live; hair thing & tongue (gif)

Falco - “Rock Me Amadeus” Live; hair thing & tongue (gif)

17 Sep 2014 / Wednesday / 10:29pm

Falco (4 pix) - “Rock Me Amadeus” Live


17 Sep 2014 / Wednesday / 09:27pm

16 Sep 2014 / Tuesday / 10:00pm

It is extremely annoying to see people say “I find ____ attractive” and a bunch of people attack them for saying so. People fucking have crushes on ALL types of people! A crush is a crush. It doesn’t mean you’re out there dating the guy/girl and helping them do whatever it is they do or did in their life. I see a ton of people drooling over serial killers and posting about them being sexy or whatever. For some odd reason, that’s way more acceptable than finding a Nazi sexy. Most of these people are dead. I see NO harm in thinking any of them are cute or interesting or worth putting into fanfic situations. Who the hell cares?? Don’t go around making people feel bad cos they think someone is attractive just cos you don’t.

"Hitler was cute!" "OMG HOW CAN YOU THINK THAT WHEN HE DID SO MANY HORRIBLE THINGS?!?!?!?!" Okay, where/when did the person say "Hitler was cute and I love and support the evil things he did"?? Putting Hitler and Goebbels in a weird ship together doesn’t mean they were an item. It’s called fantasy. Liking someone (especially when they’re not even alive now) doesn’t mean you’re gonna bring back their evil ways and cause hell on earth. Stop yelling at people for things that do no harm.

13 Sep 2014 / Saturday / 09:50pm

(Posting this here.) Just watched “Nuremberg.” Brian Cox did a good job as Goering. Here’s my thoughts I posted on Facebook:
It’s so weird how you can watch a movie, know how the historical outcome will be, yet still hope it turns out a whole other way. It’s amazing to think that anyone would kill that many Jews & not think it would ever be a problem later on. I mean, put ship them to other countries, ban them from Germany, put them to work in camps, but those involved HAD to know there’s NO way it wouldn’t cause problems later on. I think there are really horrible people (then and even now) who would jump at the chance just to hurt/kill others so no surprise that there were people who did it without remorse, but I don’t believe everyone knew the extent of what was going on. There’s no way they’d get around it when things settled down so why would they even try? Wasn’t something they could easily cover up. That said, there’s not too much difference in dropping a giant bomb on a country & killing thousands, even millions, of innocent men, women & children who happen to be living in a war zone. At least the Nazis killed the ones they thought were hurting Germany.

Also, fave parts:

—Goering’s car showing up & looking all important.
—Goering’s outrage when Speer admitted to having planned to assassinate Hitler.
—The look Goering gave over his sunglasses towards Speer during his sentencing to prison instead of death (I woulda kicked Speer’s ass right then & there)
—The “Because you are a Jew” part.
—Someone actually having the balls to say “Heil Hitler!” before being hanged.

13 Sep 2014 / Saturday / 03:59pm

So I had this dream last night I was in a room, in a field (you know how it is) and talking to someone about Hermann Goering and how he almost crashed his plane so now he’s a totally different person. Like he was all nice and jolly before it happened, but he said “fuck this nice shit” and started being a total asshole to everyone after being so close to death and realizing his life was too short to care. I was trying to hang out with him and he was just the rudest fucktard ever. I figure there’s a point in everyone where they break and stop trying to be nice cos wtf bother anyway? Weirdness.

12 Sep 2014 / Friday / 06:34pm

OMG, Tumblr, seriously. Post my stuff on the right blog. If I’m on a sub-blog and reblog something, put it on there, not my main. Hmff.

11 Sep 2014 / Thursday / 09:06pm

Life is too short to

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