22 Jul 2014 / Tuesday / 03:39pm
I got featured on Instagram’s Moon_Awards account!

I got featured on Instagram’s Moon_Awards account!

20 Jul 2014 / Sunday / 09:51pm

Anthony Hopkins in When Eight Bells Toll

1. That coat! 2. That hair touching!

20 Jul 2014 / Sunday / 09:34pm
Dreams ft. Rutger Hauer & Anthony Hopkins

Had a couple odd dreams last night. Here they are….

Rutger Hauer dream:

I was with a group of people in the woods. We had a couple motorhomes and I sensed something was weird outside so we got inside to stay safe. I noticed there was a big gap under the door that nobody else seemed concerned about, but I knew dogs could fit in there and there were dogs surrounding the area. I took empty seats up front and used them to block the gap but the dogs were still pushing their way in. One got in and was the leader and could talk. (I know, my dreams are crazy, lol!) I spoke up against it and he got in my face and was about to attack but I decided (as I usually do in these dream situations) that I was a powerful vampire and I pushed him across the floor of the motorhome (which was a bus, now). Everyone, including him, were in awe. Nobody knew I was a vampire until then. He got up and was Rutger (not that I noticed he had just been a dog) and was impressed by my. He said he and his friends wouldn’t hurt us. We were gonna work together doing who knows what. Then I woke up.

Anthony Hopkins dream:

I was at a country house in the middle of nowhere. There was a guy was extremely rich. He had a brother who was interested in killing him to get his money and was in a wheelchair, couldn’t walk and couldn’t do much. Anthony was like a butler or assistant to him. I was more like a bystander in the dream and not really involved. There was a large balcony overlooking a cliff and Anthony and the bad guy were outside alone. I took the place of the guy and was standing (nobody but us knew I was faking my ailments) on this beam making Anthony push it back and forth on the balcony from below. It got really close to the cliff, then came back across the balcony to the other side. I pretended to fall over and scared Anthony but then I said I was okay. I (as the guy) was planning to get my rich brother to do this and actually fall. I think Anthony knew I was gonna do it but he was too loyal to me to speak up. I got down on the ground to walk with him. He was an old man with long, messy blonde hair. We walked up a hill towards the house. Then I woke up!

17 Jul 2014 / Thursday / 11:33pm

by Robert Frost

Out through the fields and the woods
And over the walls I have wended;
I have climbed the hills of view
And looked at the world, and descended;
I have come by the highway home,
And lo, it is ended.

The leaves are all dead on the ground,
Save those that the oak is keeping
To ravel them one by one
And let them go scraping and creeping
Out over the crusted snow,
When others are sleeping.

And the dead leaves lie huddled and still,
No longer blown hither and thither;
The last lone aster is gone;
The flowers of the witch hazel wither;
The heart is still aching to seek,
But the feet question ‘Whither?’

Ah, when to the heart of man
Was it ever less than a treason
To go with the drift of things,
To yield with a grace to reason,
And bow and accept the end
Of a love or a season?

14 Jul 2014 / Monday / 12:21am

In my reality, I’m nothing.
In my dreams, I’m everything.
In my nightmares, my worlds collide.

12 Jul 2014 / Saturday / 08:13pm
Alfred Molina - 1994 (Photo by John Stoddart)


Alfred Molina - 1994 (Photo by John Stoddart)


11 Jul 2014 / Friday / 03:05pm
Had another Ock dream last night but can’t remember it! Grr! And I know it was a good one, too.

Had another Ock dream last night but can’t remember it! Grr! And I know it was a good one, too.

09 Jul 2014 / Wednesday / 03:28pm

Had a dream last night I was hanging out with a group of friends but got bored & left, walking up the street to see what else there was to do. I saw a warehouse across the street & started thinking it could be cool if Ock worked there. I went over a bit hesitantly cos I knew with my luck, I’d go in & get stuck in some radiation mess, but I went in anyway. I was in a sort of lobby area with people working & I told a woman that I was from the press, pulled out a credentials card & said was there to interview Dr. Octavius. She said that wouldn’t be possible. I offered to pay $10,000. She said $50,000. I agreed, reached into my pockets looking for paper to act as money & found none, so I handed her invisible money. It worked!

I followed her to another busy area with some stairs leading upwards & an office booth where she proceeded to tell another woman that I was there for an interview. The woman said she’d get him on the phone & the first woman looked at me & said, “You should get more than a phone call.” Then I saw Ock walk by & I went to follow behind, telling him why I was there & asking if he remembered me (from previous dreams & partly real life stuff). He said he didn’t, which meant he didn’t remember anything from how the movie went either. I planned on giving him the head’s up.

We went up all these old metal stairs to the above floor where he was working. Just a huge open-floor room with workers & mechanical stuff. Some guy showed up while we were standing there & he pointed a gun at us. I tried to use my (don’t laugh, lol) webs to shoot the gun out of his hand but nothing came out. I tried talking the guy out of it & eventually got the gun. Security showed up & got rid of him & then they were wheeling a cart thing, with Lex Luthor (“Smallville” version) on it, into the next room. I knew he was just trying to find out secrets about Ock’s experiments & told him to leave him alone & stop interfering. He was restrained & a bit out of it as they wheeled him away.

And of course that’s all I got to. Save Ock’s life & never did get to get that interview. But I had the feeling he knew more than he was letting on.

Now I’m in that “I miss my Ock phase” mood, lol!

08 Jul 2014 / Tuesday / 02:29pm

I have trouble falling asleep so last night I found myself pondering: “Who the hell is Cousin Itt related to?!” This lead me to researching the whole Addams family relationships. Of course, I never did find out about Cousin Itt, but I came away slightly annoyed by the many changes of the relationships.

Depending on if it was the original animated series, the TV series, the movies or the new series, many of the character relationships are altered. Such as Uncle Fester being Morticia’s uncle in the animated & TV shows, but he’s Gomez’ older brother (which I prefer, actually) in the movies. Grandmama was Morticia’s mother at one point, but Gomez’ mother at another point.

I prefer the TV series Morticia, but I can take either the TV series OR movie Gomez since I like both actors (John Astin slightly more since he works near me). But the switching of relationships irks me more than it probably does other people, lol!

Cousin Itt, though. Really. Which side of the family is he on?? I could guess Gomez’ but who knows. Do YOU?

05 Jul 2014 / Saturday / 06:33pm
Rutger Hauer - Middle Finger Gag [from “Blade Runner: 25th Anniversary” interview] (gif)

Rutger Hauer - Middle Finger Gag [from “Blade Runner: 25th Anniversary” interview] (gif)

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